We offer our clients the ability to complete an online interview so that you can provide us the information we need to complete documents for you. We think charging you for attorney time to interview you is unfair and unreasonable. If you take the time to complete our online interview for a particular matter you can give us the information we need and when you contact us we can spend the minimum time necessary to achieve what you require. We reduce our fees and charges to you by being efficient and convenient for you. Simple technology lets us confidentially and privately deliver legal services to you at a reduced cost in the comfort of your home or office.

We offer wills, a multitude of contracts, divorce petitions and settlement agreements, parenting plans, real estate buy sell agreements, rental agreements and an online form for you to provide us the information we need to consider and evaluate personal injury claims and malpractice claims. We offer family law forms including divorce, custody and parenting forms and Court pleadings. Our services reduce the cost for you and maximizes our efficiency. The interview forms are secure and confidential.