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Making Full-Use of Your Cell Phone Following an Accident

April 9, 2018

“The cell phone is a convenient yet powerful tool in the aftermath of an automobile collision”

If you’re involved in a wreck, your first move should be to contact authorities and emergency services by dialing 911. However, after the emergency teams are notified, your cell phone can be a reliable tool to gather evidence. If you are physically able, you should protect yourself by carefully documenting the site of the accident with your cell phone camera.

Your goal is to build a narrative of the automobile collisions. Take pictures that could refute others’ stories. These photographs will help your Montana Personal Injury Attorney prove that the accident was caused by another’s negligence and that you should be compensated as such.

But what might be worth taking a photograph of? The simple answer is everything. The more pictures and documentation, the more complete your case narrative will be when appealing to insurance adjusters, defending attorneys, or courtrooms.

Photograph the Involved Individuals

First, take pictures of everyone involved, including bystanders, paramedics, and of course the other parties. Try to show who was driving the other vehicle if there are multiple occupants. Photograph any witnesses and where they were standing when they observed the accident.

It may also be useful to snap pictures of identification and insurance cards. This information is needed immediately upon making a legal claim and can be difficult to obtain days or weeks after the accident.

Photograph the Vehicles

Document the damage to both vehicles. It’s important to get shots of the exterior damage, but remember to consider the interior and underside of the cars as well.

Also, thoroughly photograph the path of both vehicles, including any signs or road markings visible to the drivers. Take photographs of the general area to record the weather, visibility, and other conditions.

Photograph Injuries

Many injuries—especially those more severe—do not appear until days, months, or sometimes years after the accident. Remember to take photographs of any wounds that appear immediately after the wreck. Additionally, as wounds or injuries progress, keep taking photos. Remember the more documentation, the better.