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Montana’s Required Auto Insurance Coverages

April 18, 2018

“According to Montana Law, a 25/50 liability insurance policy is the bare minimum required for every driver on Montana roads. Is it enough to keep folks from financial turmoil?”

Under Montana law, all operators of motor vehicles must have insurance. In reality, around 90% of Montanan drivers adhere to this car insurance mandate, with one-of-ten drivers operating without any form of coverage.

If an uninsured driver were to collide with your vehicle and cause you injuries, sadly you are the one responsible for your medical bills, missed time from work, and vehicle repair. For this reason, Montana lawmakers set minimum auto insurance coverage that each driver should possess when driving on Montana roadways.

Here are the limits:

– $25,000 of coverage for one person’s injury or death or $50,000 of coverage for two or more persons’ injury or death (also notated 25/50 liability)

– $10,000 in coverage for property damage

These dollar amounts may seem like a lot, but anyone involved in a serious accident knows how medical costs can add up quickly and relentlessly. In most cases, this minimum will be incapable of covering more severe car accidents; especially those resulting in life-long debilitations or death.

Also, the 25/50 liability will not cover the driver who causes an accident. In other words, this basic level of insurance only pays for liabilities to other motorists.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended that drivers explore other policy options such as uninsured motorist coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage. Each of these policies helps protect you in the event of an accident, whether you’re the at-fault party or not.

The penalty for a no-insurance citation in Montana is between $250 and $500, or up to 10 days in jail for a first offense. Subsequent offenses involve larger fines, more jail-time, and perhaps revocation of drivers’ licenses.

These penalties sound severe, but still, one-in-ten drivers operate without sufficient insurance. Paying auto accident costs out of pocket—or through your own insurance—as a result of someone else’s carelessness can be financially devastating. Although the 25/50 required minimum auto insurance coverage may be too small to cover serious injuries, it’s definitely better than nothing.