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Recovering Compensation in Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles

April 9, 2018

It’s not uncommon in Montana to encounter semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles on the roadways. While they’re essential for transporting goods, these vehicles can be incredibly hard to maneuver around and pose many risks to ordinary drivers.

Additionally, freight companies expect timely deliveries over long distances from their workforce, potentially leading to rushed or recklessness drivers behind the wheel of their big rig. When a truck driver is speeding, fatigued or, distracted, the chances of a collision on the roadway are far higher. When a 16-wheeler collides with an ordinary vehicle, the driver of the ordinary car is in a seriously compromised position.

Accidents involving large commercial freight vehicles add another dimension to your auto accident compensation. For one, there are usually more liable parties. Where the at-fault party in a car accident is typically only restricted to the driver, liable parties in truck accidents may include the trucking company, the insurance company covering the business, and the driver. Likewise, if the accident was a result of a vehicle malfunction than manufactures and suppliers can be held accountable as well.

Because responsibility isn’t consolidated, proving liability and the extent of fault can be tricky. Navigating a civil action following an accident of this nature might seem daunting and challenging. We have notable experience working with clients and successfully proving liability and damages and assisting with the recovery of compensation (truck accident compensation for truck accidents)

It is important that accident victims and their loved ones fully understand what options are available to them and what constitutes a fair settlement. To learn more, see our law firm’s truck accident overview.