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Best online legal services- We offer a number of legal documents completely online for the convenience of our clients. There is no need to take time off work or away from your family for an appointment. We can handle all of your needs through our secure, online client portal. Best of all, most documents are offered free-of-charge.

Through our portal, We provide the best online legal services such as clients can choose which document they need to be prepared from a database of pre-written legal forms, such as divorce petitions, Living Wills, parenting plans, rental agreements, and other contracts. They then enter their case-specific information, and a legal document is generated for their particular need. We will review the forms and verify their completion and accuracy.

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The Advantages of Doing Legal Work Online

Minimal Fees: Most documents are offered completely free-of-charge. The ones that do require payment are fixed-fee. This means no document-preparation fees, no unexpected bills at the conclusion of services, and no standard attorney fees.

Convenience: Online legal services allow you to work on your own schedule. Our clients have a secure account they can access at any time. There’s no need to set an appointment or meet with an attorney.

Pace: Our virtual platform allows us to provide you with rapid access to a variety of legal documents and services. We can quickly perform client intake and get to work on your legal matter. All of this means greater access to your attorney and greater client satisfaction.